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2022: A Year in Review

So much has happened this year – thanks to you and your commitment to making biking safer.

With your support, we accomplished:

Funding over 3,700 bike lights for cyclists who need them. Our most recent funded lights were for Chicago, NYC, DC, Atlanta, Minneapolis, New Orleans, and Detroit.

Reaching 50,000 bike lane obstruction entries in the database (and subsequently sent the app into a hiatus, but it’s coming back in 2023!)

Celebrating 5 years of Bike Lane Uprising in September.

Making, processing, and shipping 2 batches of reflective rain jackets.

Blocking the initiative to raise the speed camera threshold by organizing a call-to-action on social media and with a live website visualization (see it HERE)

Honoring the lives of Gerardo Marciales and Sam Bell with ghost bike vigils.

Honoring the life of Jose Velásquez by supporting the creation and private installation of his ghost bike.

Conducting a guerilla traffic study on intersections crossing Lake Shore Drive – and seeing results when the city built out the median to force drivers to slow down.

Providing education and cost-savings opportunities like the RadMission e-bike assembly party that saved attendees approx. $200 + bubble mailer pogies to ease folks into winter biking.

Showing up in hundreds of media publications like NPR, The Economist, Chicago Magazine, and many more.

Welcoming folks to the biking community by sharing what Critical Mass is all about (in English, Spanish, and Mandarin!)

And making sure Lori Lightfoot knew she wasn’t supposed to park in the bike lane to get her donuts 🍩 .

What’s coming in 2023?

Our KPIs for the year ahead:

- more butts 🍑 on bikes 🚲

- make biking 🚲 safer

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