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Cosmic Bikes Store Launch

On May 25th, Cosmic Bikes became the second retailer to carry our Bike Lane Uprising merchandise.

Since 1994, the owners Justyna and Chris of Cosmic Bikes have been pioneers in sharing the joy of biking with the Chicago community.

Prior to opening Cosmic Bikes, they owned a bike shop called Rapid Transit Cycle Shop for 21 years! These two are so knowledgeable about biking, bikes, and they’re passionate about sharing their knowledge to help spark that same joy with the rest of us.

Not only is their shop big and filled with fun bikes like recumbents and folding bikes, but they’ve been getting REALLY into bike camping and working on ways to make camping by bike approachable for first timers. They incorporated some of this into the event!

To support our work, Cosmic Bikes carries our merch at no profit to their store. That's right - 100% of the proceeds from our merch sales in their store go directly towards our work. If you’ve been eyeing our reflective jacket but you’re not sure what size you need, stop by and try them on. Thank you to Cosmic Bikes for supporting our work!

Here are photos from our launch event. Thank you for making the moment special!


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