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We're making biking safer by making it easy to report bike lane obstructions.  To prevent future obstructions, we find trends in the data to highlight problem locations and hold violators accountable.

               Bike Lane Uprising®️ is a cyclist-led civic tech platform.  We're focused on making cycling safer by making it easy to report bike lane obstructions.  We find trends in the data to hold violators accountable and prevent future obstructions.  Bike Lane Uprising®️ was founded by Christina Whitehouse after she was almost run over by a driver of a commercial truck. The driver entered into the bike lane right hooking her. The incident happened in Chicago which coincidentally was named the most bike friendly city in the United States. Read the full backstory here.  Even though Chicago was named the most bike friendly city, cyclists are still killed each year and many more are injured.   
                  While many miles of bike lanes exist, they're often blocked by drivers, that use them as free parking.  By creating a central database of bike lane obstructions we are able to highlight problem areas and trends surrounding bike lane violations.  We work with local organizations, city departments, and companies directly in an effort to prevent future bike lane obstructions.
         After launching in Chicago, Bike Lane Uprising®️ quickly spread via word of mouth and is now available in the USA & Canada.  Sign up now and start reporting.

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