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We're making biking safer by making it easy to report bike lane obstructions.  To prevent future obstructions, we find trends in the data to highlight problem locations and hold violators accountable.

Bike Lane Uprising® is making it easy to report bike lane obstructions with their mobile app.  Founded in 2017 by Christina Whitehouse after she was almost run over by a driver of a commercial truck. The incident happened in Chicago which coincidentally was named the most bike friendly city in the United States that same year.  

The reality is, bicyclists are killed each year and many more are injured - even in top biking cities. With the Bike Lane Uprising® mobile app, bicyclists are able to report bike lane obstructions into one central database from anywhere in the USA and Canada. Our data has been used to directly reach out to companies who block bike lanes, has been used in court cases where bicyclists have been injured or killed, has gotten laws passed, and has pressured cities to build safe bike infrastructure.

After starting as a passion project in Chicago, Bike Lane Uprising®  spread via word of mouth and is now available in all USA & Canadian cities. Whitehouse was named a Chicagoan of the Year by Chicago Magazine as well as one of the '50 most influential people in American cycling' by Escape Collective.

“In a city that often pits cars against cyclists, where ghost bikes punctuate the landscape, Whitehouse has galvanized a movement and created policy change. All by refusing to back down. Just ask those politicians, many of whom have joined the cause.”

- HEIDI STEVENS, Chicago Magazine, CHICAGOANS OF THE YEAR, Christina Whitehouse, The Bike Lane Revolutionary

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