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How it works

Join our uprising and submit bike lane obstructions and unsafe lane conditions from any North American city.

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How it works:

Step 1

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Step 2


Document bike Lane obstructions

Step 3


Submit bike lane obstructions to our database

Here's what our Contributors
have to say about us:
"Love your work"
"I’m excited to start contributing - thank you for founding this much needed organization!"
"Love what you're doing. So glad to have learned about you. And so happy to participate. City streets are dangerous enough. Bike lane obstruction increases our risk as riders."
"I am endangered on a daily basis by motorists who refuse to follow the rules and allow cyclists to ride legally and safely in bike lanes. Enough is enough."
"I know 311 in Chicago has a website to submit obstructions and other bike lane violations, but I have little confidence it is enforced or otherwise utilized by the city. I love bicycling and would rather not die in the process. Motorists and obstructions are the biggest danger to me and I find myself constantly having to avoid them and disrupt normal traffic in the process by leaving my dedicated lane. I'm tired of drivers parking in the bike lane when there's a dedicated parking spot nearby they could have used."
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