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Below is a list of commonly asked questions along with their answers.

Does ____ count as bike lane obstruction or lane condition?

More than likely, yes.  Our database tracks bike lane obstructions and bike lane conditions.  You are welcome to submit things that make bike lanes unsafe to use. While submissions typically involve automobiles blocking bike lanes, you can also submit:

 + Constructions sites

 + Unsafe bike lane conditions 

 + Potholes

 + Snow / Snow pushed into bike lanes

 + Faded paint

 + Damaged bollards

 + & many more

What information is required to submit a bike lane obstruction?

While the more information provided, the better, any information is better than no information.  The more information we receive, the better we can understand the problem of bike lane obstructions.  Understanding what causes bike lane obstructions, when and where they are occurring, and by who, help us identify unique solutions to preventing them in the future. Here's what the data helps us identify:

+ Photos  help us understand and verify the context of the situation

+ Location  help identify hot spots of bike lane obstructions

+ License plates identify repeat bike lane offenders and states where better education might be needed

+ Date and time identify patterns of when obstructions take place and when they are often impacting cyclists.

+ Obstruction type identify macro trends of the root cause of obstructions.  Our maps can also be filtered by these categories to identify problem areas by type of obstruction. 

+ Company names we tag each bike lane obstruction by company name and can identify how many times a company has obstructed bike lanes. Owners of companies do not always know their drivers are parking illegally in bike lanes.  We have had a surprising amount of success reaching out to companies directly. 

+ USDOT numbers are often on the sides of commercial vehicles.  They help identify the owner of the vehicle.  They also allow us to find their contact information, and how many times that company has been involved in crashes, injuries, and fatalities.  

How is Bike Lane Uprising®️ funded?

Bike Lane Uprising®️ is primarily funded by its founder.  As we continue to grow, so do our costs. If you find our work impactful and would like to see us remain independent, consider supporting our work.  Here are a few ways you can help out.

Can I submit from _____ location?

More than likely, yes.  Once your Contributor Profile is completed, you are able to submit bike lane obstructions from any location.  If you go on vacation, if you move, if you are unsure if you are within a city limit, it's okay.  All obstructions are mapped by the address/geolocation and can be viewed here. 

What will my email address be used for?

What your email won't be used for:

Your email will NEVER be sold or shared with a 3rd party. We hate spam and assume you do too. 

What your email will be used for:

Emails allow us the ability to keep your identity anonymous while still allowing us the ability to reach out for additional information. Sometimes companies involved like additional information. We will reach out in the off chance there are further questions regarding your submission to the database.  If we use your submission for a social media post, sometimes we try to send a link to the Contributor. 


Many Contributors want to know progress is being made. We have a newsletter that we send out every so often that outlines important topics around our progress, advocacy efforts, new features, and so on.  We have been averaging about 1 newsletter every 1-2 months. It's rare that people unsubscribe from our newsletter.



My metro city is not listed can I join?

Yes.  Sign up, fill out your Contributor Profile.  If your city is not listed, you can pick either the closest Metro City or select "my Metro City is not listed and tell us what Metro City you live in, in the "notes" section.  All obstructions are mapped by the address/geolocation and can be viewed here. 

I'm not a cyclist. Can I join?

Yes.    We welcome all types of Contributors to submit bike lane obstructions and unsafe bike lane conditions to our database.  Bike lanes also used by other groups that are often not legally allowed to use sidewalks, such as scooter riders and skateboarders.  Unsafe bike lanes cause some cyclists to opt for biking on sidewalks.  We have multiple pedestrians and family members of cyclists register as Contributors as way to make cyclists safer in bike lanes and less likely to bike on sidewalks.

Should cyclists communicate with drivers blocking bike lanes?

While you might have every intention of having a civil conversation with a driver blocking a bike lane, there are many examples of drivers responding negatively.  As an alternative, talk to your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances about the risk of blocking bike lanes.  People who care about you will respond much more positively to you than they would a stranger tapping on their automobile.  

I've been hit or assaulted by a driver, what should I do?

1 - Read this article on What to do after a crash


2 - If possible, try to get documentation of the driver and vehicle involved.  Document the time, date, and details before you forget. If you were unable to document, there is a pretty good chance another cyclist did and is trying to get the recordings and images to you.  Let us know and we can help get the word out. 


3 - Contact authorities and file a police report.


4 - Seek medical attention if needed and document injuries.


5 - Contact an attorney.  Two law firms who specialize in bike law, support Bike Lane Uprising®️ and our community. Keating Law Offices and Freeman Kevenides Law Firm

6 - Add the incident to our database.  The more these issues are tracked the better. 

What bike cameras do you recommend?

While bike cameras might not be the right choice for everyone, many cyclists are turning to them.  We polled the biking community on the types of cameras they use, how they mount cameras, and other critical points of information. View the results here

Does Bike Lane Uprising®️ support "U-lock justice"?

No.  Our mission is to collect high quality insightful data that allows us to identify forward-thinking opportunities to chip away at the problem of blocked and unsafe bike lanes.  We work to create relationships with city decision makers so they are able to act on data we are collecting.  Resorting to physical violence will not solve the problem. 

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