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City of Chicago removes Gerardo Marciales' Ghost Bike just ahead of NASCAR race that passes in front of his bike - City claims they didn't know it was a memorial

Updated: Jun 25

City claims it was an "accident" and that they didn't know it was a memorial.


- On 5/7/2024 Gerardo’s ghost bike was removed from Balbo and lakeshore drive

- the video shows what appear to be 2 city employees removing the bike

- we have received confirmation through the city that the two individuals are streets and sans employees

- we were told the employees removed the bike without being asked to and have been reprimanded for removing the bike.

- Whether that is true, we don’t know. The employees stated the bike was not painted white and did not appear to be a memorial. (Fact check: the bike was painted white, had a memorial plaque on it and had flowers on it. It’s also the most reported on ghost bike in the city.)

- personally, I don’t think it’s a coincidence the bike was removed just before nascar. We fought like hell last year to keep the bike in place during last year’s nascar route that passed in front of it and it was left.

- we have confirmed with Gerardo’s family and Alder Reilly’s office that the bike can be replaced

- we are currently working to get the bike replaced prior to nascar road closures.

Emails with City of Chicago Alders


The City of Chicago Streets and Sanitation, as well as Alderman Reilly's office have both stated the bike can be reinstalled. We are currently in the process of replacing Gerardo's Ghost Bike, plaque, chains, and locks. Our goal is to reinstall it prior to NASCAR.


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