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Lake Shore Drive Belongs To Us Now 🎶

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

A true "Bike Lane Uprising" took place on Lake Shore Drive today as cyclists took over the street. Since the Lakefront is still closed, we couldn't resist turning it into a music video. Did you ride LSD today? Remember the occasion with a piece of commemorative Bike Lane Uprising merch. 😂🤣 Lyrics have been added below #openthelakefront


There’s a trail I’d like to tell you about, lives in my home town

Lake Front Trail is what it’s called and it'll take you up and down

Pedalin on your bicycle, with the lake right by your side

Runners and walkers and families, help you ride on by.

Going to work, or going to play, help you ride on by.



And there ain’t no trail just like it

Anywhere I see

Away from noisey cars and trucks speeding on LSD.

Pedalin’ by on the Lake Front Trail, just where I wanna be.



No need to fill a car with gas, grab your bike and come on by

Never any traffic here, just happy to be outside

But Coronavirus came to town, and the mayor closed LFT

Nowhere to bike but on the road, with the cars flyin’ down the street

And the bike lanes suck cuz CDOT doesn’t care about you or me.



It's Friday night and we're staying home

Social distancing

Speeding cars outside your window makes you wanna scream.

Why can’t people who don’t drive have space to be free

Cuz Lightfoot CDOT and Biagi won’t give us open streets / We’re just

trying to spreeaaad wide outside, just give us open streets


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