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Pro Bono Attorneys for Minority Cyclists Ticketed for Biking on Sidewalks

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Are you a cyclist who has been racially profiled and ticketed for biking on a sidewalks? Are you an attorney who would be willing to provide pro bono representation to these cyclists? Sign up below.

City data shows minority cyclists receive tickets at higher rates than non minority cyclists. The Chicago Police Department have acknowledged they target cyclists biking on sidewalks as a "strategic policing" for reasons other than biking. This means the Chicago Police are targeting cyclists who are biking on sidewalks as a way to essentially stop and frisk. Data shows Chicago Police rarely enforce bike lane laws by ticketing drivers illegally parking in bike lanes. Even more concerning, is the fact our database shows the Chicago Police are themselves top bike lane obstructers. This is entrapment.

We believe biking has the ability to provide access to opportunity. Biking is a vital transportation method for many to get to work, school, and other vital city services. Not all neighborhoods are serviced equitably by public transit and biking can bridge public transportation gaps, making city resources a bit more accessible. As illustrated by the bike lane density map below, minority Chicago neighborhoods have the least amount of safe biking infrastructure. Minority and female cyclists are also statistically more likely to be injured or killed while biking.

In addition to working with the Chicago Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to address CPD illegally blocking bike lanes, we also want to do our part to help our cycling community who have been unfairly targeted for biking on sidewalks. Are you a cyclist who believes you have been unfairly targeted by police for biking on sidewalks? Are you an attorney willing to represent these cyclists? Please add your contact information below and we will follow up shortly.


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