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Help Spread the Word

Updated: May 5, 2021

Looking for ways to help spread the word about our mission? This guide can help.

Help us spread the word on our social media

  • Download a poster and hang in your bike shop, bike room, coffee shop, and more.

  • Follow us on social media platforms.

  • Like, comment, and share our posts.

  • Create your own social media posts. Let your friends and family know about us and why our work is important to you.

  • Rating and reviewing our app helps more people find and discover us. App Store | Google Play


Spread the word within your community

  • Help us hang posters in apartment buildings, bike rooms, bike shops, coffee shops and more. Download a poster

  • Locate your city’s local biking committee and let people know about our work and how they can get involved.

  • Contact your local city official, ward leader, and transportation departments and let them know about our work, and bike lane obstruction hot spots documented in their area.


Help get more butts on bikes

  • The more people who bike in your neighborhood the safer it is for you.

  • Consider leading bike rides near your neighborhood, apartment building, family get together, church group, or office.

  • Join a local group bike ride


Consider gifting someone a piece of our merch

  • Nothing helps get the word out to new social circles like a person wearing our merch.

  • Each order includes a note about who we are and how we got started.


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