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Louisville - Sponsor a Set of Bike Lights

Louisville - Sponsor a Set of Bike Lights


You will not physically receive this order

Have you every spotted someone biking without bike lights and thought, "I wish I could just give them a set"? So have we!  


Not all riders either know about bike lights and many people who do know about bike lights can't afford them.  Sponsor a set of bike lights here and help keep folks safe. These lights are the same quality and brightness we would feel comfortable riding with, ourselves.


Our bike light giveaways are fun opportunies to welcome new riders to the bike fam! Follow along on social media to see photos of happy people who receive these free bike lights.


How it works:

You sponsor a set of lights. Other people sponsor lights too.  Once a round is fully sponsored, we order lights in bulk. Then we give the lights away for FREE to riders who need them. Need a set of bike lights for yourself? 



- Lights so bright they light up street signs!

- Each set purchased = 1 set for us to give away

- You will not physically receive this order 

- Light set includes 1 red light (back) and one white light (front)

- Our bike lights have gotten even better! They're now brighter and last a loooong time on a single charge.

- These lights are the same high quality we would personally feel comfortable riding with. 

- Lights feature high beams, low beams, and two flashing strobe settings

- Lights are USB rechargeable

- Set includes USB cords

- Lights can be clipped to clothing and/or bags

- Set includes bungie straps so they can be mounted to a variety of handlebars, seat posts, milkcrates, and helmets.

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