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3 BLU volunteers hit while biking to and from advocating for safer Chicago biking infrastructure

Updated: Jun 25

No less than 3 of our volunteers have been hit in the last couple of weeks - all while coming and going to advocate for making Chicago streets safer for bicyclists. I feel like it’s just a matter of time before one of us are killed biking.

Volunteer #1 - hit a few weeks ago. Bike got rocked.

Volunteer #2 - woke up in the hospital after biking home from tabling for us at @andrefor40th town hall event. Showed up to our Tuesday chi hack night event with a bloody face. Medics cut their BLU shirt off of them. No idea what happened. (the white and green shirt on right is theirs)

Volunteer #3 - After the @chihacknight presentation, they biked volunteer #1 to the train (yes, the volunteer that was hit a few weeks ago). Afterward, they were clipped by a driver who never even stopped to see if they were ok (the white shirt on left is theirs).


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