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BLU + Bike San Diego Event Saturday 7/13 (Updated with KPBS Article, Photos & Videos)

Updated: 3 days ago

Thank you to everyone who made it out Saturday, July 13th. Big shoutout to BikeSD for hosting the event, planning the bike ride, and getting the word out.

KPBS Report

Thank you to KPBS for highlighting our work ahead of the event. Sign ups in San Diego are SPIKING!

It was great checking out the new San Diego bike lanes and having a chance to share the story about how we got started, how to report bike lane obstructions with our mobile app, and what we're able to do with that data.

A few folks expressed an interest in getting more involved with our group, such as volunteering with us, joining our advocacy cohort, and helping our current bike light crowdfund to send 200 sets of bike lights to San Diego.

Thank you for such a warm welcome to San Diego!

Photos & Videos from the event


Join us in person for a Bike Ride, Presentation, and Q&A. Hosted by Bike SD


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