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Congratulations BLU Advocacy Cohort #1 Graduates

In addition to collecting almost 70,000 bike lane obstructions, our group has pressured city/state leaders and companies to make improvements to infrastructure, policy, and driving habits.

We're frequently approached with questions about how we've executed this work, so we constructed a multi-week advocacy course to teach bike leaders processes, frameworks, insights, and tangible tools to accomplish their specific goals.

The cohort was application based and we built out coursework as we got to know the participants, their group's goals, and challenges. We kept the cohort small to allow for an interactive cross-pollenating dynamic and were joined by bike advocate leaders from: Philadelphia, Jonson City Tennessee, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Long Beach. 

The cohort ran for 6 weeks. We had once a week 2 hour sessions. There was homework and not only did we share our learnings, participants were able to learn from one another. We were transparent with applicants for the first cohort and let them know we didn't know what exactly we were building. Thank you BLU Cohort #1 for taking the leap of faith with us! We've enjoyed getting to know. Thank you for your dedication to making biking safer and more accessible.

We're getting ready to kick off a second advocacy cohort.  If you know of a group that should join, tell them to apply soon:


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