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Lily Shambrook Press Conference

It's been one year since 3 year old Lily Shambrook was killed while biking with her parents on a neighborhood greenway in Chicago.

Lily and her parents were forced into traffic in order to go around a Commonwealth Edison "ComEd" truck which was illegally obstructing the Leland bike lane. When forced into traffic, Lily was struck by a driver of a Mondelez semi truck - which was also traveling on the neighborhood greenway.

The video below is from a press conference for Lily Shambrook held on January 17th, 2023, held at Clifford Law Offices. Lily's family is seeking legal action against ComEd, Mondelez, Penske, and the City of Chicago. Our database shows all named defendants have a history of blocking bike lanes. We are working with Lily's family and their attorneys.

People often ask what we do with bike lane obstructions submitted to our database. In full transparency, we don't always know the fate of each submission. In this particular case, our data has been able to show all named defendants have a history of blocking bike lanes. In fact, ComEd has been submitted to our database no less than 50 times.

Lily is unfortunately not the first, or the last person, to be killed by companies with a history of obstructing bike lanes. Please continue to submit bike lane obstructions to our database. Please take this time to clean out your cameras and phones and make sure your documented obstructions have been submitted to our database - specifically, those involving the defendants named in this case.

Lily Shambrook press conference


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