Sponsor a Set of Bike Lights

Sponsor a Set of Bike Lights


You will not physically receive this order


Have you noticed an increase of people biking without lights at night? As the days get shorter, this is likely going to become more of an issue. Would you like to sponsor light sets to get folks lit? There are so many new riders this year, and we'd like to use this as an opportunity to keep folks safe and welcome new riders to the bike fam.


How it works:

We've sourced a solid mid-range set of USB rechargeable bike lights for around $10 per set. We order lights in bulk. After a round is funded, we order lights. We then give the lights away for FREE to riders who do not have lights.



- Each set purchased = 1 set for us to give away

- You will not physically receive this order 

- Light set includes 1 red light (back) and one white light (front)

- Lights are around 200 lumen (front) and about 80 lumen (back)

- These lights are the same high quality we would personally feel comfortable riding with. 

- Lights feature high beams, low beams, and two flashing strobe settings

- Set is USB rechargeable

- Set includes USB cords

  • More info

    Bike light giveaways

    Follow along here and social media for updates.


    Contact us

    Let us know if  you would like to do a bike light giveaway in your city via our Contact us page.

  • Fundraising updates:

    [ BATCH 5 ] 4/10 update 88% funded  444 of the 500 sets have been sponsored. Lights will be ordered and dispersed in the Bay Area and Nashville when all 500 lights are sponsored. 

    [ BATCH 4 ] 11/30 FUNDED - 400 lights have been sponsored and the lights have shipped. 200 sets of lights will be distributed in both Minneapolis and another 200 in the DC metro within the next few days.

    [ BATCH 3 ] 11/24 FUNDED - 200 sets of lights have been sponsored by Keating Legal. These lights have been ordered and will be distributed around Chicago.

    [ BATCH 2 ] 11/1 FUNDED - All 200 sets of lights have been fully sponsored, the lights are now being dispersed around Chicago. Follow along here and social media for updates.

    [ BATCH 1 ] 9/27 FUNDED - All 200 lights have been fully sponsored and dispersed around Chicago. Follow along here and social media for updates.

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