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Over 1,300 sets of bike lights have been sponsored!!!!

Have you noticed an increase of people biking without lights at night? Would you like to sponsor light sets to get these folks lit? We've sourced a pretty solid mid-range set of USB rechargeable bike lights for around $10 per set. These lights are same level of quality and brightness we would be comfortable biking with ourselves. Every sponsored set of lights equals one set we will give away to a cyclist without lights.

Sponsor a set of lights here

Current status: OVER 1,300 sets of bike lights have been sponsored!!!!

We will continue to make these available for sponsorship via our online store. We will order the lights sets in batches of 200. Sponsor a set of lights here

Bike Light Sponsors

Because batteries are expensive to ship, we've been keeping the price of lights down by handing these out in person around Chicago. Even though Chicago is the only location lights have been distributed, so far, lights have been sponsored from cyclists around the US as well as the UK! Further proof we're one big biking fam. Sponsor a set of lights here

Here's how lights

have been dispersed so far:

Bike shops

We've been dropping lights off at local bike shops, many of which have even sponsored lights! So far, we've dropped off lights to Working Bikes, Irv's Bike Shop, Blue City Cycles, West Town Bikes, and Bike Lane Chicago. Sponsor a set of lights here

Giveaway blitz events - Lakefront path

We held a giveaway blitz on the Lakefront path where we flagged down any cyclist riding without lights. The lakefront is a beacon to so many people and we taught around 50 cyclists, a couple of rollerbladers, and sooooo many cute kids how to use bike lights. Sponsor a set of lights here

Giveaway blitz events - food couriers

We've also conducted bike light giveaway blitz events that specifically target food couriers. So many couriers have said their lights are stolen frequently. Since the lights we're giving out can either be attached to bikes or clipped on, couriers are able to attach lights directly to their clothes and bags - hopefully this helps cut down on theft. Sponsor a set of lights here

Biking groups

We've been working with biking groups to help get lights to their members and cyclists in their areas. Shown below are representatives of Streets Calling BC and the Monday Night Ride. Sponsor a set of lights here

Street teams

We've assembled street teams to help disperse lights into neighborhoods. Our street team members keep the lights handy and hand them out as they run into folks without lights. Sponsor a set of lights here

Tips tricks & etiquette

We crowdsourced bike light tips tricks and etiquette from our community. Each box of bike lights comes with these insights. Sponsor a set of lights here


Let us know if cities outside of Chicago would like to do light giveaways. Because these have batteries, shipping is a bit expensive. We can figure out what's needed for bulk orders to your location. Drop us a line here. Sponsor a set of lights here

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