2020 Holiday Gift Guide 🌲

Need help finding a gift for that special cyclist in your life? Want to get yourself something extra special? This list was assembled by our team, who either love these items, or really really want these items as gifts (hint, hint).

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Wool Socks 🧦

Yes. Seriously. Unlike when we were kids, wool socks are one of the best gifts for a cyclist. Smartwool is the standard... they're essentially the "Levi's of wool socks". Alex likes Tenspeed Hero for cycling-specific socks (not all of them are wool, and the wool ones are mostly 3-season weight, not winter weight, but they're nice socks):

Added bonus: It's relatively easy to get the size of socks right.


Bike Shop Maintenance 🛠

Many bike shops offer gift cards. Some shops even offer maintenance subscriptions that cover tune-ups and other repair needs. If your loved one bikes through the winter, they're likely going to be interested in a tune up once spring hits to clean off the winter grime. If your loved one purchased a new bike recently, or has been mentioning pain after riding, their bike might not be fitted to them properly. Bike shops can fit their bike to them so their ride is extra comfy. Try finding out where your loved one normally gets their bike serviced. If that doesn't work, try searching online for one nearby their home.

Added bonus: You'll be supporting a local business and your loved one's bike will be in tip-top shape.


Backpack 🎒

A good waterproof backpack is key when you're biking and running errands. Nikki, yes, the same Nikki behind our "Nikki's Doughnuts 🍩 " gaiter swears by her Chrome Industries Urban EX 2.0 Rolltop 20L Backpack.

Added bonus: It looks great and there are spots built into the bag to carry a U-lock.


Reflective EVERYTHING 💡

The days are short and chances are your loved one is biking when it's dark out. Reflective items can help your loved one be seen by drivers. We sell a few reflective options in our online store, including shoelaces, buttons, backpack covers, Razzle Dazzle Bike Spoke Covers. The most coveted reflective item we sell is hands down our fully reflective jacket. This thing is BRIGHT! We recommend ordering a size large enough to allow your loved one to wear a thin insulated jacket underneath. This will allow them to layer and wear this all winter long.

Added bonus: All proceeds support our work towards making biking safer.


Coffee Subscription ☕️

Most people are working from home and are going through more coffee than they used to. Save your loved one a trip to the coffee shop by gifting them a coffee subscription. We love Dark Matter Coffee. Dark Matter offers a variety of subscriptions options, including, coffee variety, whole bean or their preferred grind. (Please buy me this 🙏 )

Added bonus: You'll be supporting a local Chicago business who has a history of giving back to the community.


Thermal Tights 🦵

Baby it's cold outside and thermal tights, long johns, or whatever you prefer to call them, will keep your loved one cozy while they're out and about. Year round cyclist, Will, recommends this option.

Added bonus: Your loved one won't freeze 🥶 .


Bar Mitts 🧤

Bar Mitts are wildly popular with winter cyclists. They wrap over bike handlebars and protect hands from wind, rain, snow, and sleet. Many people tend to think of these as a winter only item, but Elizabeth, (who brought you tips on bike cameras, and what to wear for each season) recommends putting these on in the fall and keeping them on through spring. If you don't know what type of handlebars your loved one has, you might want to purchase a gift certificate.