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Ghost Bike Vigil - 16 year old Josh Anleu

Updated: Nov 21


At the request of the family, please join us, along with Josh's friends, and state and city officials for a ghost bike vigil for Josh Anleu. Josh was a sophomore at Schurz High School & died on October 6th a few days after being hit while riding his bicycle in Portage Park. He is 1 of 3 people killed biking in Chicago in 3 weeks. When: Saturday, November 4th & 1pm. Where: Corner of Long and Waveland


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Photos & Videos: Ghost Bike Vigil

Saturday was *tough* 16 year old Josh Anleu’s family spoke at his ghost bike vigil - even his 6 year old brother. And for the first time since we’ve been doing this, we were joined by the 3oth ward alder, Illinois state representative, & Illinois state senator.

A large part of Josh's identity was his pink bike - so his mom painted his ghost bike pink for him. Prior to painting the ghost bike, Josh’s family wrote notes to him that we sealed into the bike’s frame.

Josh was the 2nd “606 Fixie Kid” to be killed in less than 2 years. Stats show less than 40% of teens 16-19 are even getting a drivers license. Many of these kids are old enough to drive but they choose to bike instead. They need safe spaces.

For the folks not from Chicago, the “606 Fixie Kids” are teens from multiple schools who are hyper into riding bikes. They typically travel in packs by bike around the city and they hang out in the Damen St amphitheater of the “606” aka Bloomingdale Trail.

Not only do deaths involving bicyclists impact the victim's family and friends, but they also have a ripple effect in communities. We were joined at the vigil by the neighbor who witnessed a driver hit Josh. When police arrived he was doing chest compressions on Josh trying to keep him alive.

Thank you to everyone who came out to show their support for Josh, his family and friends.

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