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Spring & Summer Biking Gear 

Reviews & Recommendations

What clothes, gear, or bike modifications would you recommend to other cyclists?  Let us know by adding it to our list.  We will create a synthesis of all recommendations.

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Spring & Summer Biking Gear Reviews & Recommendations

Spring and summer will be here before you know it, which means we need to write a synthesis of spring and summer biking gear recommendations.  To do so, we are collecting reviews and recommendations from cyclists like yourself. Do you have a specific product or brand you love?  Let us know. What specific products and or brands would you recommend to new cyclists? Let us know via the form below. Real photos showing how the product looks like in use are greatly encouraged.

After we compile a list of recommendations, we will write a synthesis like we have done for winter biking gear as well as camera reviews

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Let us know what specific products, brands, and modifications you recommend for spring and summer riding.

Raw Product Reviews Received

Below are reviews we've received from real cyclists so far.  Desktop users, filter results by the criteria you find the most important.   

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